Tanker brewery began with three homebrewers’ common hobby that grew out of control. Jaanis and Ryan brewed beer together in Jaanis’ garage. Spending hours and hours tinkering with recipes and building up a growing fan base of friends and family. The idea of building a brewery was born.

We like to break the rules of tradition and experiment with different raw materials, sourcing freshest ingredients from farmers to create new and interesting flavors. Our signature and best selline beer Sauna Session, made with real birch leaves, has defined a new style category in the Baltics. It was also the result of experimenting with new flavors. The plan was to capture the essence of a traditional sauna into a bottle, so we add birch whips in the mash to make the beer taste like sauna. It is a very unusual beer, with a strong birch aroma and flavor that is very refreshing and satisfying. All of the beers are designed to be full flavored and exciting that stand out in a crowded market.
We are focused on the finest of details in our brewing process, techniques, and ingredient selection.  At Tanker we take risks and are not afraid of experimenting to create something special. Tanker always has something new and fresh, offer refreshingly different beer with our collaborations, seasonal beers, and our solid year round core beers. Tanker was also the first in Estonia to start with sour ale production. Sour beer seems to be a new trend that started from America and is getting more and more attention now in Europe as well.

Since we started we have produced more than 60 different beers. A lot of them limited editions and one time brews. The best rated according to Ratebeer is Hallucination, Imperial Pale Lager which has a score of 98 out of 100, TOP10 in the world in its style class.





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