8Bit Brewing

Our favorite things are beer and video games. So we thought, why not combine the two?

8-Bit Brewing is a new Helsinki based beer outfit.  Combining a love of beer and games, we specialize in sessionable easy to drink versions of the traditional American Style craft beers as well as making experimental new projects. 

All our beers are designed to taste as clean on the 5th pint as the 1st.  Most of our products stay in the 5-6.5% alcohol range and are designed with crisp and light malt bodies to be thirst quenching and still packed with flavor.  

We hope you'll enjoy our refreshing “everyday beer” style either after work in a pub, or at home paired with a great game.

For the last year we have operated as a gypsy brewery making limited batches at a variety of local breweries.  Currently, all of our beers are produced at UG brewery in Lohja, but our own space in Konala has just opened up and we've made our own beers since February.




040 5502364

Piippukatu 3
40100 Jyväskylä